Tumi Ducati Luggage

The bold brand new Tumi Ducati luggage is updated for performance and prestige. Constructed of multi-layer ABS polycarbonate material, this hardside Tumi Ducati luggage has a nylon outside zippered compartment. While hardside luggage is often necessary for travelers who need protection for their electronics or belongings, they often miss having an outer pocket for last minute items or essentials. The Tumi Ducati has solved this dilemma by offering hardside protection combined with a nylon zippered outside pocket. Available in bold Race Red, the Tumi Ducati luggage appeals to the traveler that wants a bag to be dynamic as well as functional. There's a TSA combination lock built-in and this is the lock approved for airline travel. The in-line skate wheels allow you to roll the Tumi Ducati luggage in front of you or pull it behind you. Most hardside luggage does not allow you to piggyback another piece with it, but the Tumi Ducati luggage has an add-a-bag strap. You can attach a laptop, camera bag or briefcase to the front and roll both pieces along together to your destination. The tumi Ducati Evoluzione International carry on is designed to fit on most international and domestic flights. The Tumi Ducati Actuator sport duffel is fashionable and exciting. It has all of the features you need in a bag you want to take everywhere with you. From the built-in shoe bag to the elastic webbing on top, your Tumi Ducati duffel will go the distance. You can also slide the Tumi Ducati sport duffel over the trolley handle and let it piggyback along on top of your wheeled luggage. From the "T" shape trolley handle to the wheel casings, Tumi Ducati luggage is sophisticated and eye-catching.